The Tended Nest

The Tended Nest
Laurie Filla & Mary Voth

Longtime creative collaborators Laurie Filla and Mary Voth have partnered to bring you The Tended Nest at Fleur de Chic.  This charming little space is brimming with items perfect for home decor and thoughtful gifting.   

Laurie and Mary have been “nest tending” in the West Country area for a number of years.  Mary was the founding owner of Floribunda, a highly successful home decor shop located in Baxter Center.  Laurie was a key member of Floribunda’s management team.  The two have continued to collaborate on creative projects since the sale of Floribunda in 2006.  Additionally, Mary shares her floral design talent with her many clients and Laurie works as a realtor with Coldwell Banker.  Both say decorating and shop-keeping are in their blood. 

They are thrilled to share their “tended nest” at Fleur de Chic.

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